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Beverly Hills Thigh Lift – Dr. Ghavami
Serving Patients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

If you’ve lost a lot of weight from exercise, diet, or from bariatric surgery, such as the Lap Band, you may be experiencing loose, excess skin on certain parts of your body, especially the thighs. For those that seek to achieve optimal shapeliness in their legs, the thigh lift in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami is the solution. In the thigh lift procedure, acclaimed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ghavami makes incisions in order to remove loose, sagging skin, after which he may employ liposuction to remove unsightly fat deposits and add more shape if necessary. Following thigh lift, Beverly Hills patients are gifted with the legs of their dreams: the skin is tight and the shape of the legs is in aesthetic proportions.

Though the thigh left will improve the appearance and skin texture of the legs, many times the patient also has excess skin or fat deposits in the abdomen, back, buttocks and arms. For those that want to achieve a perfect body on all fronts, Dr. Ghavami recommends the full body lift, in which all problems areas can be smoothed out and shaped to ideal proportions. If you are interested in getting the thigh lift in Beverly Hills with Dr. Ghavami, please call today and schedule and in-depth consultation. Dr. Ghavami is also a premier provider of rhinoplasty and many other plastic surgeries, including liposuction, abdominoplasty and breast augmentation.

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