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Full and vivacious lips have always been recognized as aesthetically important features. They are a central part of the face that everyone recognizes in daily social interactions. Some of us, however, are born with thin, ill-defined lips, or our lips lose their fullness with age. But the appearance of our lips is now within our control. Fine lines and wrinkles, thin lips and a drooping corner of the mouth are all areas that can be aided with injectable fillers. The market is ever changing, with new products appearing rapidly. Care is individualized to provide a safe and effective treatment option, whether it is a commercially available filler material or a patient's own fat. Sometimes, specialized incisions can lift or plump up the lips.

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A considerable amount of women and men often feel self-conscious about having thin lips. Full bodied lips have become a revered attribute, largely in part to celebrity prominence in American culture. As a result, more and more people are choosing to get lip augmentation procedures to attain full, vibrant lips. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ghavami is an expert in the field of plastic surgery, including lip augmentation in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles.

There are a number of different ways that Dr. Ghavami can carry out lip augmentation in Los Angeles / Beverly Hills. There are both temporary and permanent means of attaining lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can be used to shape and enhance the lips for temporary augmentation, while synthetic surgical implants are used for those seeking a permanent lip augmentation. LA / Beverly Hills lip augmentation provider Dr. Ghavami prefers temporary fillers because the lip is a moveable / soft dynamic structure, which changes with age. It is best to have the option to continually adapt to these changed with the use of temporary fillers such as Juvederm which can be customized and changed during each injection visit. By taking into significant consideration each person's unique face and desired outcome, Dr. Ghavami's specialized expertise in aesthetic surgery will make for a mutually satisfied lip augmentation. Dr. Ghavami's lip augmentation technique enhances your natural shape without producing overcorrection or unnatural overdone lip appearance.

In addition to offering lip augmentation, Dr. Ghavami's cosmetic surgery Beverly Hills practice also performs a full range of facial procedures for Beverly Hills nose surgery, blepharoplasty, face lift and revision rhinoplasty patients.

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