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Beverly Hills Mid-Face Lift Surgeon – Dr. Ghavami
Serving Beverly Hills / LA Mid-Facelift Patients

A mid-face lift restores youthful vitality to the mid-face, lifting and shaping the cheeks to achieve a natural rejuvenated look without the need to undergo a full facelift. This procedure is often reserved for women and men that are not yet in need of a full facelift, usually in their forties. Midface lifts are ideal for reducing puffiness under the eyes, improving the contour of the upper cheeks, and reducing nasolabial folds. Incisions are small and hidden in the eyelids and behind the hair line. A tiny camera is used to guide the surgery and keep incisions small. Midface lifts are often performed in conjunction with lower-lid blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the area around the eyes or with implants to further accentuate the cheeks. Fat injection to restore the deflation of the face that occurs with aging is often combined with a midface lift to fill lines and establish a youthful cheek contour.

The mid face lift in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles is preferred by those who don't have enough wrinkles and fine lines throughout their whole face to warrant a full face lift. Prospective patients tend to be in their forties and want to decrease signs of aging that have become apparent in the mid-facial region. This often includes wrinkles above the upper lip, sagging cheeks and bags under the eyes. The results are natural and can truly bring out the beauty and youthful look desired.

The benefits of the mid face lift over the full face lift are that it is less invasive, resulting in less bruising, swelling and overall recovery time. It can be combined with an endoscopic or coronal browlift, as well as with eyelid rejuvenation procedures. The mid face lift can be performed endoscopically, in which a small camera and surgical instruments are inserted under the skin via tiny incisions, as opposed to having to make broad incisions and expose tissue in order to perform the procedure. After receiving a mid face lift with acclaimed Beverly Hills facelift surgeon Dr. Ghavami, the patient's skin appears tighter, refreshed, and younger. The cheeks are lifted and repositioned in their more youthful location over the bony prominence. Most patients also receive fat injection along with the mid face lift to give more definition/shape to desired areas of the face, such as the cheeks. One of the most beautiful aspects of a woman’s face is the youthful fullness of the upper cheeks and cheek bones and the gentle valley below the cheeks and near the corners of the mouth. It is important not to overdo this technique. Natural results are always the primary goal of Dr. Ghavami's work and vision.

Dr. Ghavami is also one of the few surgeons who perform natural bone augmentation to the cheek bones to further enhance the hollowed out cheeks and lower eyelids that can prematurely age the appearance of the face and midface.

Dr. Ghavami's extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery consistently gives way to mutually satisfying results between him and his patients, including Beverly Hills nose surgery, revision rhinoplasty and ear pinning patients.

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