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Beverly Hills Nipple Reconstruction – Dr. Ghavami
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While breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lifts are the most common types of breast surgeries performed, many patients also seek nipple reconstruction and breast reconstruction surgery in order to restore normal breast features after recovery from breast cancer or injury. Dr. Ghavami performs nipple reconstruction in Beverly Hills / Los Angeles using advanced techniques that minimize scarring and recovery time.

In the procedure for nipple reconstruction in Beverly Hills, a wide variety of methods can be employed in order to create a nipple appearance that is both natural and aesthetically pleasing in appearance. Nipple reconstruction surgery is almost always performed after a breast reconstruction procedure, and is considered to be the final step in the breast restoration process. Some Beverly Hills nipple reconstruction patients opt to not achieve nipple and areola texture via surgery and instead choose to just get the nipple superficially tattooed on, making use of discolored appearance to distinguish it from the rest of the breast. Nipple reconstruction can also be achieved by grafting skin in order to create a nipple mound, and then tattooing the areola to finish off the appearance. If you are interested in undergoing breast reconstruction or nipple reconstruction with Beverly Hills / LA plastic surgeon Dr. Ghavami, please call today and schedule a consultation.

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