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Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® – What You Need to Know and Details from The Doctors TV Show

For women who want to achieve a more attractive breast shape and size, without the typical pain and drawn-out recovery, there may be a solution in what is coined the Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® with Dr. Ghavami. The tenets are based on the incredible and innovative research in quick or rapid recovery breast augmentation first published by Dr. John Tebbetts. Dr. Ghavami (who studied under Dr. Tebbetts) is proud to be able to utilize these concepts to reduce the recovery time and pain of breast surgery for his Los Angeles patient population.

Instead of the forceful jerking, pulling, and stretching used in some breast augmentation techniques to make the sub-muscular space in the breast for the implant, Dr. Ghavami uses ONLY cautery (heat) dissection, which more precisely cuts through tissue to make space for the implant, without the bleeding and trauma of “blunt dissection.” Blood vessels are cauterized and shut down before they have a chance to bleed into the ribs and tissues, which may be largely responsible for the post-op discomfort. This is known as “prospective hemostasis.” Since there is less injury to the rib cage and surrounding tissues, the post-operation recovery period can be dramatically reduced, hence the term “Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®.” This name was actually derived from a clever and witty patient of Dr. Ghavami who had undergone the technique in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Ghavami recently had the opportunity to deliver the typical results for a Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® on the Emmy-award winning television show, “The Doctors.” The entire show’s success was determined by patient Jazmin’s recovery and surgical success. Therefore, there was a bit of pressure for the flash technique to deliver as usual. Since Dr. Ghavami has confidence that the flash recovery technique rarely fails in the right candidate, a typical, yet amazing outcome was expected. Jazmin was a great candidate for quick recovery from her breast augmentation because of her breast tissue characteristics, dimensions, and her breast shape. Specific pre-operative measurement techniques were used to accurately determine what the breast implant size limits should be. Specific size selection helps to decrease the negative consequences of excessively large implant volume, such as thinning skin, early sagging, and capsular contracture. After this it was off to surgery. Jazmin’s breasts were marked and she was taken to the operating room.

The surgery went as well as expected. Dr. Ordon from “The Doctors” astutely pointed out that surgery is not a race, however, as usually is the case in quick recovery breast augmentation techniques, the procedure time was rapid, with essentially no bleeding, and it was completed “in a flash!” From the beginning of the surgery (when the incision was first made on the right breast) to the start of the skin closure (implants already in their pockets and filled) was 17 minutes. The entire procedure time, from incision to the last stitch placed was 26 minutes! This is fairly typical of a Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® when all goes as planned. It is rare for the procedure to take longer than 45 minutes, although recovery times are usually less than 24 hours, which is one of the ultimate goals of this technique. There are no wasted, inefficient maneuvers in the OR, and there is no time wasted in controlling bleeding, because there are no bleeders since they are controlled “prospectively.” Thanks to Dr. Tebbetts’ dedication and extensive research, ideal dissection sequence and mapped vessel locations, this has all been made possible.

It is also very important to point out that patients who desire implants that are too big for their breast dimensions and who need a breast lift, may not be candidates for recovering quickly, since more trauma may be produced with over-sized and inappropriately large implants.

It is important to realize that not everyone who desires breast augmentation is a candidate for the “flash” or quick recovery procedure. This type of rapid recovery and quick operative times are usually not possible in patients that require a breast lift, have tuberous or constricted breasts, and/or who have significant breast asymmetry. However, Dr. Ghavami always strives to be as gentle to the human body and tissues, and his ultimate goal is to achieve aesthetically optimal results with as little downtime as possible in every patient.

Please read and research our website thoroughly, view our photo gallery, and visit our Q&A on Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® for further information. We have many patients who come from out of state, and because of the quicker recovery time, are able to return home without a prolonged stay in Los Angeles. Dr. Ghavami and his dedicated staff would be happy to answer all your questions and arrange for you to speak with former flash recovery patients who will be happy to share their experience. We are so proud to provide this wonderful technique for our patients so that you can get back to your lives “in a flash!”

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami is dedicated to achieving results that look natural, tasteful, and that seamlessly complement the patient’s original features. For more information about Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®, please call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ghavami.


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