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Dr. Ghavami is a recognized authority on the subject of rhinoplasty. To learn more about nose reshaping surgery, please visit his other website:

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Dr. Ashkan Ghavami is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Ghavami is skilled in delivering the highest standard of care in all aspects of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. He places great emphasis on patient education and personalized, compassionate care. Dr. Ghavami realizes that there are numerous health and safety concerns that may need to be taken into account with each individual, and makes it a point to put his patients’ health and safety first. Taking time to listen to patients and giving undivided attention are hallmarks of Dr. Ghavami's practice philosophy and contribute to his exceptional cosmetic surgery results.

As an experienced plastic surgeon serving Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, Dr. Ghavami will give you his honest opinion to ensure that you choose the right cosmetic procedures. He will then come up with a treatment plan designed to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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Our primary goal at Ghavami Plastic Surgery, along with each patient safety, is to produce results that yield mutual satisfaction between Dr. Ghavami and his patients.

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Dr. Ghavami boosts a teen girl's confidence by performing rhinoplasty with natural, harmonious and beautiful results.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills


Face the world with a rested, refreshed appearance.

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills


Address the features of your nose that make you self-conscious.



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Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills


Feel more confident about your physique through body sculpting surgery.



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Enhance, reduce or lift your breasts to complement your figure.



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Botox Beverly Hills


Even out your skin tone and texture with a non-surgical treatment.

Butt Augmentation Beverly Hills


Improve the size and shape of your buttocks for a more voluptuous backside.


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There are aspects of Dr. Ghavami's practice that deserve special mention, and about which the doctor is particularly passionate. Rhinoplasty is perhaps the most challenging of these operations. Dr. Ghavami is considered a world expert by his peers on rhinoplasty, ethnic (multicultural) rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty, which also include optimizing nasal breathing. He prides himself on providing his Beverly Hills / LA cosmetic surgery patients with natural and beautiful rhinoplasty results regardless of age and ethnicity.

Dr. Ghavami also has specific interests in various aspects of facial plastic surgery — including deep plane (sub-SMAS) facelift and eyelid rejuvenation — as well as breast and body contouring procedures. Patients travel from around the world for the above procedures including Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®, in which patients can recover in less than 24 hours!! In addition, he offers a more natural buttock augmentation using fat transfer known as the Brazilian Butt Lift (“BBL”) or S-Curve Butt Lift® approach. This feels and looks much more natural than buttock implants or “butt shots” which can be very dangerous with numerous complications. Dr. Ghavami’s array of popular procedures can provide patients with beautiful, natural curves and are truly life changing.

Individualized Treatment

People seek plastic surgery for a number of reasons — but all deserve to have the best possible and most advanced, yet safe, treatments available. In all cases, a board certified plastic surgeon (certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) who has an artistic vision to “see the results” in his/her head come to life, as well as has the training and focus to surgically execute the combined vision of surgeon and patient will improve the chances of surgical success. At Dr. Ghavami's office, each patient's individual needs are addressed thoroughly and with care and compassion. No two plastic surgery procedures will be the same, because Dr. Ghavami takes into consideration each patient's desires and unique anatomical features in order to create truly “customized” results that best suit the individual's appearance. This philosophy of unique, individualized treatment is applied to every procedure he offers, and is most evident in our before and after plastic surgery gallery. Whether it is Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®, Rhinoplasty (nose job), or Brazilian Butt Lift (S-Curve Butt Lift®), you will see in our gallery, no two people look the same. A “cookie cutter” approach is never used.

The success of his work is just as important to Dr. Ghavami as it is to his patients. His passion for the field of plastic surgery drives Dr. Ghavami to do everything possible in order to give his patients the aesthetic appearance they've always dreamed of while striving to constantly improve in each procedure and teach these improvements to surgeons worldwide. Dr. Ghavami's plastic surgery office has become a sought-after location for tasteful cosmetic surgery. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than when a patient walks out of our office with increased confidence, happiness and higher self-esteem after plastic surgery and has natural results so that they can keep Dr. Ghavami and Ghavami Plastic Surgery their true beauty secret. Our motto is: “Maybe she was born with it, maybe it was Dr. Ghavami.”

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As a premier plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty authority, Dr. Ghavami is frequently asked to appear in the media to talk about cosmetic enhancement. Visit our “Media” page to watch clips of his appearances.

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