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The Importance of Harmony in Plastic Surgery

At the heart of effective plastic surgery is an unswerving commitment to harmony. Cosmetic enhancements, whether they are performed on the face or buttocks, only look natural when they are blended seamlessly with the surrounding landscape of your body. Rhinoplasty (a nose job) and buttock augmentation can both bear that stigmatized “done” appearance when a plastic surgeon tries to emulate a certain popular look rather than tailor his alterations to the particular features of his patient. Let’s first consider rhinoplasty for a moment. This is perhaps the most delicate and complex cosmetic procedure, and if the surgeon limits himself to a universal standard of beauty (most often defined by Northern European facial traits), the result can be “racial incongruity”. You can’t just slap some generalized idea of the perfect “Caucasian nose” onto a person of Middle-Eastern, African, Asian, or Hispanic heritage. It simply won’t look natural. This is why Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a board certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, places such a premium on “ethno-sensitive” rhinoplasty. He takes into consideration the patient’s individual characteristics, as well as commonalities in facial and nasal structure found within groups of people with certain ancestries. That tailored approach to rhinoplasty is essential to achieving a natural, harmonious look.

Harmony is just as important when it comes to buttock augmentation. We have already come a long way from synthetic implants. The advent of the Brazilian butt lift has enabled plastic surgeons to liposuction fat in selected areas of the body, purify it, and then – in a series of micro-injections – transfer that fat to the buttocks, creating a tighter, firmer look. This represents an improvement over implants because there are no foreign bodies being introduced to the patient; rather, the patient’s own fat is removed and displaced. The result is considerably more natural-looking. Dr. Ghavami has taken this even further with his S-Curve Buttock Lift® procedure, which enhances not only the buttocks area, but the entire body silhouette. This macro approach offers a proportional aesthetic that encompasses the stomach, thighs, hips, and flanks. This makes sense if you think of the contour of your body as one long uninterrupted and curving line that extends from head to toe. A change to one segment of the line must take into consideration how that alteration will affect the harmonious flow of the entire body’s line.

Example: Revision Rhinoplasty

Example: Buttock Augmentation

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