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Chin Reshaping Procedures

Chin Augmentation Beverly HillsA strong chin is an often-overlooked element of an attractive facial appearance. A weak chin may telegraph lack of confidence and presence. Especially for men, the geometry of a demure chin doesn’t present a pleasing balance — or leave a strong impression.

Fortunately, plastic surgery offers effective ways to remake the overall facial profile by reshaping the chin. Here, experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami reviews the full range of popular chin augmentation choices.


The most popular chin augmentation procedure involves use of an implant. Genioplasty implants are typically made of silicone or materials such as hydroxyapatite granules and gels, and can be surgically inserted either through an incision under the chin or one made inside the lower lip. The latter technique hides the scar, but also will require a diet of soft foods during healing. Some implants are attached to the bone, while others are precisely fitted so that they will be firmly held in place by facial muscles and skin.

A related technique uses your own bone as the “implant.” In this so-called sliding genioplasty, part of the jawbone is cut and moved forward to erase a weak chin, or moved back to reduce the prominence of a projecting chin. The bone is locked into place with titanium screws.

Fat Transfer

With fat grafting, sometimes known as fat transfer, your surgeon uses fat cells from other areas of the body and injects small amounts of these cells to increase chin volume and stimulate collagen production.

The fat cells become an integral part of your subdermal face. A 2017 study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that 82 percent of fat cells injected to build chin volume survived long-term. In addition, participants showed an average increase in chin projection of 9 mm after four weeks and 7 mm after six months.

Subtracting Volume

Although a prominent chin is desirable, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. For patients who seek less volume in the chin and surrounding areas, there are a number of convenient techniques that can help create a humbler profile.

Liposuction under the chin to the neckline, known as submental liposuction, is one effective option. Other techniques that can impact the look of the jawline include Kybella injections to shrink under-chin fat, ultrasound treatments, and new radiofrequency (RF) energy treatments such as FACEtite, AccuTite and Agnest RF.

To learn more about reshaping the chin, schedule a consultation with experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami by calling (310) 275-1959 or emailing Ghavami Plastic Surgery today.

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