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Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® amazing surgery results discussed on the Doctors TV by Dr. Ghavami


Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, with thousands and thousands of women undergoing it each year. Though it has numerous potential benefits, including increased self-esteem in many patients, it is also sometimes associated with uncomfortable recovery, and it has a relatively high revision rate, which can severely limit a patient’s movement and physical activities. However, with what Beverly Hills breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami has coined “Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®,” breast augmentation recovery can be reduced to less than 24 hours! The term “Flash” recovery originated from one of Dr. Ghavami’s Beverly Hills plastic surgery patients and is a tongue-in-cheek way of describing this remarkably quick recovery period.

Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®, also referred to as the 24 Minute/24 Hour Breast Augmentation™, is a concept based on the innovative quick recovery techniques and philosophy first published by innovative Dallas-based surgeon Dr. John Tebbetts. Through Dr. Tebbetts’ research, it has been shown that breast augmentation recovery can be reduced to less than 24 hours if certain principles are followed in the right candidate! Dr. Ghavami was fortunate to have trained under Dr. Tebbetts and has brought his techniques and philosophies to the Los Angeles area. Thanks to Dr. Tebbetts, breast augmentation now has the potential to be a better experience for the patient. Ultimately, the goal of Dr. Tebbetts’ ground-breaking quick-recovery breast augmentation approach was to improve patient safety and surgical quality, as well as reduce revision rates. Dr. Ghavami is excited to be a part of this philosophy and to be able to provide a quick recovery experience for his patients.

Breast enhancement surgery is typically performed by creating room (a breast implant pocket) for the implant under the muscle. This can be accomplished by blunt dissection methods that can involve prying and tearing the tissues with invasive instruments, or even with the surgeon’s fingers. Creating space for the implant does not have to involve these methods, which can cause more injury than necessary to the surrounding muscle and tissue in the chest, and may increase the patient’s healing time and pain after the operation.

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Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ghavami is highly sought after by patients, professionals and colleagues alike to share his advanced surgical knowledge and techniques. He is routinely invited to lecture, contribute to educational textbooks and assist with scientific articles related to cosmetic surgery. Visit our “Publications” section to learn more about his vast experience.

Dr. Ghavami’s goal in breast augmentation is to create a sub-muscular pocket with as little trauma as possible. Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® involves ONLY the use of cautery (heat) dissection (no blunt dissection) to cut sub-muscular tissue and make room for the implant with as little bleeding as possible. It is theorized that blood leaking out of vessels, especially on the ribs, may be responsible for the discomfort after any surgery. Systematic cautery (with “prospective hemostasis” or getting vessels cauterized before they have a chance to rupture and leak into the tissues) aims to cause minimal damage to surrounding tissue (muscle and ribs) while creating the breast pocket. This may, in turn, reduce the recovery time after breast augmentation.

Another critical aspect of Dr. Ghavami’s belief is that the implant volume or size should not be excessively large for the patient’s tissues. Implant size is determined by a precise dimensional analysis of the breast tissue, measurements, and amount of stretch potential. This also tends to create a natural breast appearance that is not “over-sized” or artificial looking. Dr. Ghavami’s tasteful aesthetic judgment ensures that breast augmentation surgery patients come out of the procedure with breasts that look natural and proportional to the body. This breast dimension and soft tissue measuring system is used to dictate what the most appropriate size and shape of the implant should be for each patient. Each patient’s results are individualized to complement unique features and body shape.

Dr. Ghavami’s technical approach to pocket creation, precise breast analysis, and implant selection can allow for a much shorter operation time, usually as short as 30-45 minutes. Less time is spent on implant selection, sizers are not used, and bleeding is blocked (“prospective hemostasis”), before it ruptures into ribs and muscle tissue, to reduce the body’s pain response.


When patients undergo Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® with Dr. Ghavami at his state-of-the-art Beverly Hills facility, most are able to carry out many everyday activities within 24 hours of the operation. In the majority of cases, patients who opt for “Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®” in Beverly Hills with Dr. Ghavami don’t need surgical wraps, drain tubes, or major pain medications (only Ibuprofen and Tylenol are prescribed). With the support of a surgical bra, patients are encouraged to do things such as brush their hair, take a shower, or go out for dinner the same night as their surgery.

In summation, the Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® procedure allows women to achieve the breast size and shape they desire, with the goal of reducing short-term (no blunt dissection, prospective hemostasis) and long-term trauma (not over-stretching the breast tissue with an implant that is too big for the patient) to the chest, which in turn may reduce the overall recovery process. Dr. Ghavami’s experience performing breast augmentation can provide results that are comprehensively beneficial in terms of appearance, patient confidence, and reduced recovery time.

Numerous television and news programs (The Doctors, NBC, Telemundo, The Ricki Lake Show) have recorded the surgery and recovery process of different patients who have experienced the benefits of the above philosophies and techniques in breast augmentation. See for yourself by viewing our video gallery.

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