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It takes the eye of a craftsman to appreciate the difference between a Monet and a Manet, a jewel and a trinket, the Pantheon and Caesars Palace. This is especially true in today’s culture of fame and fashion, where every image is a reflection, and reality itself swoons in the swirl of the masquerade.

Within the specialty of cosmetic surgery, this gift of perception is the foundation for a unique new service offered by acclaimed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. His Certified by Ghavami program provides the cachet of authenticity that stars, celebrities and influencers often seek to prove to the world that their graceful proportions haven’t been sculpted by surgery, but are in fact real. Just as the GIA is famous for grading cut and clarity to separate the priceless from the low-price in diamonds, Certified by Ghavami confirms with a transparent examination that a client’s body shape is genuine, a gift of genetics and the well-earned reward of a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Truth Unfiltered

Certified by Ghavami is a powerful verdict that silences doubters and impresses the skeptics. And in traditional media as well as social media, skeptics are a major force. Often their disbelief is justified: With today’s advanced cameras and digital technology, it’s easier than ever to transform images and create fantasy-world realities. Celebrities have magically shed pounds and years on magazine covers, and routinely use an array of enhancement filters to capture the perfect selfie. Meanwhile, deep-fake videos generated by artificial intelligence promise to add new layers of doubt to public perception.

Daisy’s Story

When it comes to questions about plastic surgery, Certified by Ghavami is the antidote for this growing cynicism. Last year social media influencer Daisy Keech discovered that fact when she recruited Dr. Ghavami to prove to fans and followers that her widely photographed derrière was not a work of surgical art, but in fact came free with her birthday suit. Dr. Ghavami’s investigation was candid, definitive — and public. It attracted widespread media attention, as represented by the links posted below. Millions learned that Daisy really could thank heaven for her physical beauty, and thank Certified by Ghavami for making her unbelievable dimensions incredibly believable.

To learn more about Daisy’s story and the Certified by Ghavami seal of authenticity, schedule a personal consultation with experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami by emailing our office or calling today.

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