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Ethnic rhinoplasty is essential to what Dr. Ashkan Ghavami offers his patients. He feels very strongly about the need to preserve a patient’s distinct ethnic features, while at the same time making dramatic improvements. A good example of the services he offers is Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. There are a lot of prospective patients with a Middle Eastern heritage who are interested in Ghavami’s Middle Eastern rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, because they may want a primary or revision rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic or health reasons (or both), but at the same time they don’t want to sacrifice an integral aspect of their appearance that makes them who they are.

Why Choose Dr. Ghavami for Rhinoplasty

Dr. Ghavami specializes in a variety of ethnic rhinoplasty techniques, including Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty, Hispanic rhinoplasty and African American rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. With years of hands-on experience in this surgery, he is able to offer patients radical results, all without erasing their ethnic identity. If you are interested in learning more about Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, we encourage you to contact Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Ghavami for a personal consultation. It may also behoove you to peruse his website and review his many “before and after” photos. This will give you a sense of the nuanced and meticulous approach he takes to ethnic rhinoplasty.


Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is a challenging but exciting medical procedure. The pitfall that some well-intentioned experts fail to avoid is “racial incongruity,” which occurs when a surgeon tries to sculpt a Middle Easterner’s nose into some idealized version of the “Caucasian nose.” The result is not natural-looking, and does a disservice to patients who want to look better but shouldn’t have to buy into some “universal standard of beauty.” There are plenty of worthwhile enhancements that can be performed without erasing the distinct ethnic features of a patient’s face. The key pillars of successful Middle Eastern rhinoplasty are harmony and symmetry. That so-called “triangle of beauty” around the patient’s nose must blend seamlessly into the rest of the patient’s facial structure, and that requires an “ethno-sensitive” approach.

At the same time, while there are certain commonalities found amongst people with Middle Eastern ancestry, an accomplished plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills will equally take into account the nasal and facial features unique to each individual. Understanding the range of generally shared characteristics can be a good initial guide for Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, but high-quality plastic surgery is as much an art as it is a science, and each person’s face is an original canvas unto itself.

To learn more about this procedure, and about Dr. Ghavami’s background in plastic surgery in general, contact us with your questions and to schedule a consultation.

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