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We are thrilled to have such ethnically diverse patients at Ghavami Plastic Surgery coming from all over the globe to Beverly Hills, California. As you may already have found, Dr. Ghavami is a specialist in Ethnic Plastic Surgery and we celebrate the diverse features distinct to people from around the world. Retaining your ethnic beauty while creating aesthetic balance and harmony is a key principle taught by Dr. Ashkan Ghavami throughout his numerous textbook chapters, articles, and lectures on ethnic plastic surgery. Patients have chosen Ghavami Plastic Surgery for their aesthetic surgery desires from the corners of the globe such as: Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran, Australia, Japan, China, and Mexico, to name just a few. To accommodate our out of town patients we offer a virtual consultation prior to surgery as well as comprehensive concierge plastic surgery services. Below you will find information that describes the typical process leading to your surgery day and beyond! Once again, welcome to Ghavami Plastic Surgery!

Steps to Plastic Surgery Consultation

Step One: Email Your Requests and Photos

Email Dr. Ghavami The first step is to contact us by filling out the form on this page or emailing Please submit recent photos that are standardized to match the views found in our Photo Gallery for your chosen procedure(s). This usually consists of front facing view, side view, and slightly turned view (3/4 or oblique view). For body contouring we also require a full view of the back and buttock in indicated. Our surgical coordinator can be reached by phone and/or email to assist you further in this process. All photos should be taken against a solid background when ever possible. These photos are kept strictly confidential.

Step Two: Phone Consultation

Call Dr. Ghavami Our Patient Coordinator will assist you in setting up a phone consultation with Dr. Ghavami at a specific time. We can set up Skype consultations as well for a small fee. During the phone consultation you will be able to discuss your concerns to give Dr. Ghavami a better understanding of what your surgical goals are. While phone consults are vital, we have also found email alone to work well for our overseas patients, under the proper circumstances. You will be provided with a surgical assessment and preliminary plan of treatment. Your patient coordinator will discuss a surgery cost estimate, along with financing options if needed. (Please note that your final assessment and surgery cost will be confirmed upon your in-person visit with Dr. Ghavami.)

Step Three: Scheduling Your Surgery

Schedule Your Surgery with Dr. Ghavami Once you have decided to proceed with your surgery, our Patient Coordinator will help you schedule your initial consultation visit, surgery date, and post-operative visits. It is recommended you arrive at least 1 to 2 days prior to your surgery so that any missed labs or details of your surgical plan that may need adjustments can be made. Please be sure to call 30-45 days in advance to secure your surgery date with Dr. Ghavami, a non-refundable deposit will be required to book your surgery at that time. Occasionally we have last minute cancellations, and we may be able to accommodate you sooner than this time frame. 

Once your surgery is scheduled you will receive a pre-operative packet containing information and pre-operative instructions about your surgery. Patient safety is our main priority, so we will require pre-operative lab work and in some cases a medical clearance from your primary care physician prior to your surgery. We will provide you with specific details during your phone consultation. Our staff will gladly assist you with accommodations, aftercare, and make recommendations for local restaurants and/or activities during your stay in Beverly Hills. 

Post-Operative Recovery Care

After Your Surgery

Depending on your surgical treatment plan ,we ask our patients to stay in the area for 3-10 days following your surgery. We require that our out-of-town patients bring a friend or relative to accompany them to and from surgery, however we offer a concierge chaperone service as well. Your attendant should stay with you for at least the first 48 hours following your surgery. Our patient coordinator will help arrange your transportation, stay at an aftercare facility, or hotel, along with a companion with medically training. Aftercare facilities will ease and enhance your surgical experience, as they offer private accommodations at a luxurious hotel complete with meals and 24-hour round-the-clock nursing care. They will also provide you with private transportation to and from the surgery center and to and from your post-operative visits with Dr. Ghavami. (Please note that all fees associated with after-care facilities are separate and independent of Ghavami Plastic Surgery.)

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Los Angeles International (LAX) and Burbank (BUR). Both are within 20 miles of Beverly Hills, CA.

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