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Until recently a facelift was considered the main surgical procedure that would reverse the hands of time and make a person look younger. Now an exciting new surgical perspective offered by Beverly Hills rhinoplasty specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami proves that a simple change to the nose can take years off the face. One patient called it “The California Nose Job,” stating the fascination with youthfulness so prevalent in California.

This is an often overlooked aspect of rhinoplasty, but should not be ignored when considering facial rejuvenation. Many patients who are older may think they are not candidates for rhinoplasty, but this is incorrect. “Part of the aging process includes the reduction of fat, collagen and muscle that supports and defines our facial features. As we age this loss of structure ultimately changes and our face assumes an aged shape” explains Dr. Ghavami. The nose is unique in that it maintains its structure better than the surrounding areas of the face. If the nose is large and the tip is droopy or the bridge has a prominent hump, the combination of reduced facial volume surrounding the nose makes it look even larger, which exaggerates the appearance of facial aging.

Dr. Ghavami is a member of the Rhinoplasty Society, an exclusive group of less than 70 active surgeons worldwide, and frequently performs facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty (“nose job”) in combination or as separate procedures. He is recognized for his numerous contributions to aesthetic plastic surgery. The “California Nose Job” as one of Dr. Ghavami’s patients calls it, is a powerful option for staying young and beautiful based on a detailed measuring system and analysis of photographs that defines the key steps to a more youthful overall facial appearance. In patients over 40, it is important to effectively alter the anatomy, while doing it in a moderate and natural way. Dr. Ghavami notes, “simply reducing nose size does not necessarily achieve the anti-aging goal and rhinoplasty is more complicated than that. This is about reshaping the nose according to what specific changes will produce a natural, yet powerful anti-aging affect. The exact changes are determined based on photographic analysis and a detailed discussion and drawings done during the consultation.”

This type of “anti-aging rhinoplasty” may also include changing a number of facial areas surrounding the nose such as the cheeks and deep facial creases that will benefit from increased volume by transferring the patients own natural fat to these areas and for some patients, a chin implant will give a more defined firmer jaw line which creates a youthful appearance. Many patients opt to have their rhinoplasty in conjunction with a formal facelift for the most beneficial effects on overall facial balance and a youthful appearance.

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