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Plastic surgeon specialist Dr. Ghavami is one of the few plastic surgeons to actively pursue the art of aesthetic surgery, and is considered a leader in this field. By focusing on the whole body rather than just the buttocks, Dr. Ghavami is able to sculpt tissue in a way that gives new curves without the synthetic implants other surgeons use to perform butt augmentation. This is truly transformative.

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Ashkan Ghavami, MD
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World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon, with an impressive secret roster of celebrity patients worldwide. Dr. Ghavami is frequently asked to appear in the media to talk about cosmetic enhancement. Visit our “Media” page to watch clips of his appearances.

After the advent of the “Brazilian” buttock lift procedure years ago, came a dramatic decrease in the number of synthetic buttock implants. The results of a Brazilian butt-lift are more natural in look and feel than synthetic implants because of the removal and displacement of the patient’s own fat tissue. Also, since it’s the patient’s own fat tissue being used, there’s essentially no chance of the body rejecting the re-introduced material, a considerable concern with synthetic implants. Though the Brazilian Butt Lift has been one of the premier methods of buttock augmentation surgery, Beverly Hills board certified surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, has created a new method of buttock augmentation surgery that allows for results that better the whole body, rather than just the buttocks. This transforms the whole body silhouette and complements other body contouring procedures, such as tummy tucks.

The S-Curve Buttock Lift® procedure is a method developed by Dr. Ghavami, which makes use of thorough liposuction and fat displacement to create a body shape that is both sensually curvy and tastefully proportional. Dr. Ghavami employs liposuction to remove unflattering fat from areas that demote aesthetic curvature in the body. This is mostly applicable to the hips, above the hips, stomach area, and flanks. Treatment may extend to other areas of the body where necessary, but in either case, the liposuction is the first step in Dr. Ghavami’s S-Curve Butt Lift® procedure. Fat removed from the body is then harvested before being injected and sculpted into the buttocks, hips, or other desired areas; the small of the back is one of the areas where curvature is made much more prominent in order to compliment the buttocks even further. Key principles of this technique are the extensive pre-operative analysis and patient markings, as well as knowing exactly how much fat to take and how much fat to leave behind. After surgery and a recovery period lasting a little over one month, patients are able to carry on all normal activity and exercise with their new, curvy body shapes.

Dr. Ghavami’s extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery, performing the innovative S-Curve Buttock Lift®, along with breast augmentation, ethnic rhinoplasty, and many other procedures, has allowed him to create outstanding results and countless success stories for his patients. His writings have appeared in plastic surgery books and journals, and his expertise in the field has been consulted for a number of media outlets, including prime time television programs.

Photos shown are 2nd stage butt lift. After tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift (S-Curve®) procedure, more fat was added in a mini Brazilian Butt Lift. Results shown after both procedures complete and healed. Note patient’s new tattoos, common with increased confidence after surgery. Read case studies from more of Dr. Ghavami’s patients and see before and after S-Curve® Butt Lift photos here

Ghavami Plastic Surgery Before After Gallery

Butt Augmentation Before & After Gallery

Dr. Ghavami is recognized as a leading butt augmentation and Brazilian butt lift surgeon and has also written extensively on the Brazilian butt lift and other plastic surgery procedures. To learn more about what Ghavami Plastic Surgery can offer and the cost of the S-Curve® procedure, contact Dr. Ghavami’s office directly to schedule a consultation and have all your questions and concerns addressed.


Men that spend a lot of time working out and eating a healthy diet, yet still do not have the youthful, shapely buttocks they desire, can benefit from Dr. Ghavami’s buttock lift expertise. The plastic surgeon offers the G-Curve Butt Lift, which is specifically designed to sculpt a man’s butt while defining his abs and obliques area for a more attractive body shape.

Similar to the S-Curve Buttock Lift®, Dr. Ghavami begins the G-Curve Butt Lift by removing unwanted body fat from the patient’s abdomen, flanks and back via liposuction. Next, he injects the harvested fat into the patient’s gluteal region to create a fuller and rounder-looking buttocks. The operation is normally performed on an outpatient basis and patients can resume work, exercise and other lifestyle activities within a few weeks.

Anti Gravity Butt Lift™ (AGBL)

Anti-gravity butt lift (AGBL) is intended to lift the lower pole of the buttock by deep, over the muscle over the fascia fat augmentation. This allows the buttock to lift and have a pedestal of support underneath this is required for many patients. The typical patient needs this procedure in addition to an S-curve® is a revision BBL, a very thin patient with loose buttock tissue, a patient post weight loss or getting fit. In addition for patients that are above the age of 40 depending on the Laxity the tissue this is a requirement in addition to S curve to get proper position tightness and final buttock contour.


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