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Due to the natural effects of aging, or certain factors such as lost skin elasticity and significant weight loss, the breasts may display an unflattering sagginess that cannot be remedied without surgical intervention. The breast lift in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess skin in order to restore a perkier, more firm appearance in the breasts. In many cases, an implant or tissue from another part of the body is introduced to the breast in conjunction with the removal of excess skin. This helps in creating a breast shape that is optimal in proportions.

Due to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ghavami’s innovative techniques for performing the procedure in Beverly Hills, breast lift patients are left with minimal scar tissue and are able to recover at a much more rapid rate. There are three principle methods for carrying out the breast lift in Beverly Hills with regards to incision placement. Based on the patient’s breast tissue quality and skin type, different techniques will be used which are best suited to these attributes. Overall, by redistributing/shaping the existing breast tissue and removing excess skin, a breast lift can help you achieve firmer, younger looking breasts. Please call today to schedule your consultation with breast lift Beverly Hills & Los Angeles surgeon Dr. Ghavami.

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