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Dear Dr. Ghavami,

It’s been slightly over one year since you performed my extended tummy tuck and fat transfer to my buttocks and I love my results. In my consultation you really listened to me and my needs. You took the time to explain the surgical, recovery processes and realistic results. You took a vested interest in my surgical outcome beyond my expectations.

The day of my surgery you kept me calm and took your time with me. You made me feel very comfortable. I appreciate that you were always available for me when I had a question or a concern. You even came to see me at an aftercare facility the day after my surgery. You went above and beyond; I thought doctors only made house calls in the movies. Your post-operative care exceeded all of my expectations.

My surgical results are phenomenal! You were able to create a great figure and I am forever grateful. For the first time in my life I feel great in my own skin. I have never been able to wear any of my clothes without a body shaper and now I’m wearing my clothes without feeling self conscious. I have even been able to wear a bikini for the first time in my ENTIRE life. I feel great and my family can see my new found confidence. This surgery has changed my life and thanks to you it will only get better.

Thank you Dr. Ghavami.

Endlessly thankful

“Recently I underwent several cosmetic procedures under the skillful hands of Dr Ashkan Ghavami; and I just want to let everyone know just how pleased I am with the high level of service that I received from Dr Ghavami and my surgical consultant, Marissa Robles.

I am so pleased that I am moved to write this unsolicited testimony regarding my experience. Although I always read and consider customer reviews for products and services that I consider; I don’t usually write reviews. However, I really appreciate that Dr Ghavami did exactly what he said he would do. That is a lost art in today’s society. The results of the artistic work that Dr Ghavami did for me are beyond my expectations. It should be noted that at only three weeks out of surgery, long before the final outcome will be fully appreciated, I am completely ecstatic over the beautiful silhouette that Dr Ghavami sculpted on my body through a tummy tuck and flank lipo procedure. I have had almost no pain from this procedure and the tummy tuck scar is very well positioned.

I also had a rhinoplasty with ear and scalp grafting. If you do your research, and most people do, you already know that Dr Ghavami is one of the best when it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty. This is important unless you want to look cookie cutter. Enough said on that! Just do your research and you won’t regret it when you choose Dr Ghavami.

The final procedure that I had with Dr Ghavami was a chin implant to compliment the rhinoplasty. Every day is a major step forward in the healing process. Once again, I can already see such an improvement; and I have no doubt that the final result will be exactly what I want. After two weeks, I returned to work. My coworkers are already commenting on how good I look and they don’t have a clue as to the work that’s been done on me.

I also want to mention that my surgery consultant Marissa Robles was fantastic! She was kind, patient and calming. She recommended several recovery centers; and I am glad I listened to her. She even spent time with me during my pre-surgery consult. She really helped to personalize the whole process. Here’s one for the books, because you certainly don’t see this everyday – When I didn’t feel up to returning to Dr Ghavami’ office the day following my surgery; Dr Ghavami came to see me at the recovery center. I think a recovery center should be mandatory, but it’s not. Even if you don’t choose to go to a recovery center, I recommend you choose Dr Ghavami. You’ll be happy you did.

I am no longer the skeptic! Thank you Marissa and Dr Ghavami.

JDM/Los Angeles”


“For a Great Dr. person and friend. I am so grateful to you Dr.Ghavami. You gave me my confidence back, and I am so appreciative to you. I love my body and I feel amazing. I finally feel completely happy with myself. I was worth waiting all these years to find you, such and amazing doctor you are. Thank you / thank you / thank you for giving me my body back and my confidence. Will for ever be grateful to you Dr.Ghavami. You’re the best doctor.”


“I’m extremely happy with the results I felt comfortable the entire time, even during my post appointments. Dr. Ghavami really makes you feel like he cares and wants the best for you. For my future procedures I will definitely be coming back to Dr. Ghavami”


“Dr. Ghavami (&Staff)

Words can’t begin to describe my appreciation for each of you. This journey for me has been a long one-a search for the right doctor to bring my dreams to fruition.

Initially it was Dr. Ghavami’s impeccable work that brought me to his wonderful office in Beverly Hills. But in the end, it was his undeniable display of integrity, honesty and compassion that out my money and my well-being into his hands. He treats his “craft” not as “work”, but as art. A gift that he respects and honors, and each of his patients as individuals. Never did I feel as if I was in the wrong hands. There are many doctors in the city who can do “good” work, but there are very few, who can do great work. Dr. Ghavami is a modern day Picasso, operating not from ego, nor greed, but from true passion and love.

My rhinoplasty and breast augmentation came out wonderfully. He not only gave me that I wanted, but he gave me more than I could have dreamed of. Natural, individual and beautiful.

I am greatly indebted to he and his staff, (Lindsey and Jocelyn) and no amount of money could repay them for that gift.

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery deserves to meet this man. Again, thank you guys for always being kind, understanding and friends. You have a lifelong supporter in me! Much Love, M


“I’m very pleased and happy with my experience with Dr. Ghavami and his staff.

They were very helpful with all my questions during my recovery.”


“I chose to have the Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® from Dr. Ghavami and it was the best decision that I could have made for myself. As a mother of two young children I can’t take any time off to heal and with Dr. Ghavami I did not have to. The procedure took only 26 minutes and I even went to dinner the same evening. The procedure was not painful at all, the first couple of days I just felt a tightness. I slept through the night without any discomfort. Dr. Ghavami prescribed Ibuprofen, but I felt well enough that I chose not to take it. I was able to return to my daily life, take my child to preschool, go to work and be with my one year old as well. I have so much more confidence and feel great about the way I look after my surgery.”


“Dr. Ghavami is a very patient and understanding Doctor. He is very informative and will tell you what he can do and what will be good for you. My experience has been great and I have had two surgeries with him. I am planning to have another soon. I think he is an excellent doctor. Love his work!!!”


“This is my first time getting a plastic surgery and I’m so happy I came to Dr. Ghavami because I’m happy with the results and I will recommend Dr. Ghavami to friends and people that ask me about my personal experience with my surgery. And I’m planning on my next procedure and of course it will be with Dr.Ghavami….”


“I came from the bay area and on Dec 1, 2010. Dr Ghavami did a breast augmentation, now my breast are symmetrical. Today is Dec 2, 2010 and I’m more than happy with my results. So far Dr. Ghavami’s Quick Recovery is very efficient. Dr. Ghavami and staff made my experience very comfortable. I will definitely refer my friends and family in the bay area to Dr. Ghavami. I cannot wait for my next treatment; I will be back very soon.”


“He is more than just like a regular Dr. to me. He explains everything in detail and always answers all your questions. I would recommend him to all my friends and if I was to get surgery done I will have to come back to him. Dr. Ghavami, thank you for everything. Take care.”


“After meeting with a few surgeons, once I came across Dr. Ghavami and got my consultation, I knew he was the one to go with. He is an amazing surgeon and is truly blessed at what he does. He conducts himself using professionalism at all times and is very polite. He made me feel very comfortable. He’s very good with keeping in touch with post-op, making sure I was healing well. Dr. Ghavami has an amazing staff, Jocelyn and Lindsey. They also made me feel very comfortable and were kind. I’ve had a handful of people that I referred to Dr. Ghavami that have had a procedure with him and they all have nothing but good things to say. Having surgery with them I call “The Ghavami Experience”! I’m very happy with making my decision to have Dr. Ghavami as my surgeon.”


“My experience here with Dr. Ghavami and his staff has been outstanding. Dr. Ghavami has been very helpful and understanding with all of my needs and questions. Also the staff has been wonderful at every visit and always had smiles, which made coming in to the office very comfortable. Their customer service is one of the best I’ve seen and experienced.”


“I am very happy with the final results of my surgeries. I had a breast augmentation and a fat transfer 9 months ago. Dr. Ghavami and his staff were and still are very helpful with any questions that I have. I will recommend Dr. Ghavami to all my friends and family.”


“Dr. Ghavami,

How can a little card possibly thank you enough for what you have done for me?!! It can’t … but please accept my heartfelt thanks for you being the wonderful. Skillful surgeon that you are! My surgery wasn’t “life or death” but it has changed my life in such a positive way! Thank you so very very much for doing such a beautiful job. In a place filled with cosmetic and plastic surgeons. I know without a doubt that I found one of the very best – in you Dr. Ghavami.

I look forward to seeing you again soon in the New Year for my next surgery!

Once again thank you from my heart.

L. G. “


“I haven’t got words to adequately describe how absolutely delighted I am with Dr. Ghavami. I researched long and hard and met with other Physicians here in Southern California. Nobody else that I talked with gave me the same feeling of trust that I had after meeting Dr. Ghavami. He has enormous skills as a surgeon, but is also very “Down to Earth” and speaks to you with confidence and not arrogance! (Which isn’t a quality you look for in your potential surgeon!!)) He took the time and had the patience to talk through the whole procedure and expected results with me. I felt completely relaxed and at ease which is definitely down to his “people skills!” my surgery went beautifully again his incredible surgical skills and artistry have meant that my recovery has been as much less painful experience than I have heard it can be and that’s down to Dr. Ghavami – one again! He has been extremely approachable post surgery to answer my questions and reassure me. In a state and place surgeons. I am completely and utterly sure that I choose. One of the very best! Dr. Ghavami has a brilliant career ahead of him. His skill is second to none and I would recommend him without hesitation. Thank you so very much… I could go on and on…. Does he have a fan Club?!!! “


“For the longest time I thought about having implants. Just never did. I’m so happy that I did. I don’t regret the cost and it was so easy to recover!! I would do it again for sure if need be. Thanks !!”


“I considered a Rhinoplasty for almost 20 years before I finally decided on Dr. Ghavami, Dr. Ghavami and his staff made me feel very comfortable. They took their time in answering questions and were always very courteous.”


“For a long time I have wanted to do this, there were many reasons that I held off. When I met Dr. Ghavami, I realized that it was so easy. They explained everything in detail. Answered all my questions and some that I hadn’t thought of. Even after surgery I called and asked questions about my progress and they were more than happy to help me. Results vary from woman to woman but Dr. Ghavami knew my expectations and my results are exactly as I had hoped. Thank you!”


“After many years of desiring a different body image – it was no mistake that I came across this great clinic. It took me one night to decide that I wanted to do this – a breast augmentation. It was easier to finalize my decision upon meeting Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. Not only is he an amazing doctor – his team is amazing as well – Great Service – friendly personalities and welcoming smiles. To this day every visit to the clinic has been a pleasure – I am excited to see the result of my surgery in the months to come – Thank you!”


“I’m totally satisfied. The lipo was a little more painful to recover from, but the results were wonderful. I totally recommend Dr. Ghavami he always made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would do it all again.”


“I am very pleased with my overall result. Dr. Ghavami and his staff were very nice and answered all of my questions. I will tell all of my friends and family about Dr. Ghavami. Thank You!”


“I can’t say enough great things about my experience of having a tummy tuck and Lipo by Dr. Ghavami. It took me 28 years to get the nerve to do this. I was terrified at first. Nicole helped me through the beginning steps with very experienced information and guidance. On the day of surgery Dr. Ghavami made me feel very calm and I felt I was in good hands, even while he was drawing on my tummy. After the surgery he was very pleased with the results and gave me all good news of finally having a flat belly again and a cute belly button. The after care and appointments were great. I would advice anyone thinking about doing any type of surgery with Dr. Ghavami to go for it! You will not regret it!!


“I had a lot of doubts and concerns because of all the stories you hear, but after meeting Dr. Ghavami and staff I felt very comfortable. Dr. Ghavami listened to me and was very understanding and explained to me everything. He was very professional and after my procedures ( tummy tuck + lipo ) It has been a great experience I look and feel great: They made everything easy and comfortable. Thank you. Dr. Ghavami and staff.”


“I’m very pleased with my results. I had breast augmentation 8 months ago and I feel great. Dr. Ghavami did an excellent job. I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s interested in this procedure.”


Yelp review from Kp O.
Beverly Hills, CA

For a long time I wanted to fix a few things about my nose. I was finally ready to consider this procedure and I immediately found Dr. Ghavami per a recommendation from a friend. I spent a few weeks viewing his website and looking at the photo galleries. I wanted something natural, and soft that was individual to my concerns, my desired results, and me. Dr. Ghavami and his staff did exactly that! I never felt uneasy or unsure about his skills and recommendations. This doctor has amazing skills, but more so, he has a talent to understand facial dimensions that are independent to each patient. He made recommendations to me that I wouldn’t have considered, for example a chin implant and minor cheek fat transfer. The results are wonderful and balanced. I recently went to my one-year post op appointment and looked at some before pictures; the results are more amazing when doing comparisons. He goes above and beyond and his love for this kind of work is evident in the results that I achieved.

I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Ghavami and his team. They are welcoming, knowledgeable, professional, caring, patient, and supportive. This team is incredible, and unassuming. My experience was seamless from beginning to end. From the initial consultation, to follow up consultations, to the day of, to post opt visits, to the healing process, and now to the one-year post operation. I never felt apprehensive. The front desk staff is considerate and accommodating, the office manager is wonderful, the nurses are patient and caring, and Dr. Ghavami is one of the best. I can’t thank them enough for all they did for me, year round.

Yelp review from Christina H.
Los Angeles, CA

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with Dr. Ghavami! This was one of the best – if not THE best, decision I have made for myself. Dr. Ghavami is a master! I receive so many compliments on the shape of my new nose, and it hasn’t even been a whole year yet. I feel like a new woman and also I can finally breath!!! I am so happy I chose Dr. Ghavami, he and his entire staff are the BEST!! I really couldn’t ask for a better Doctor or a better experience!!!

Yelp review from Amanda T.
Pittsburg, CA

I have a Skype consultation with Dr Ghavami this Thursday. Its for a Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation. I am very excited and yet nervous from researching and reading so many sites and reviews. But I can over come this anxiety and get this done. ( I will update my review after my Skype appt)

So I have always hated the way my breasts look. I wear a 36 B but I should be wearing an A.They were never perky and have no volume. I have small asymmetry and what seems to be tuberous breast. In the last year I have gained 40 lbs… you would think my breast would gain some fat but no :(. I have never been able to wear a bikini (ever) nor a swimsuit since I was a young teen. Nothing low cut or too tight that would accentuate the breasts. I am going to choose Silicone (round, smooth). Probably somewhere between 300cc and 400cc. After my procedure with Dr G. I am hoping to fit nicely into a C cup. I dont want them to be huge just proportionate to m body.

About Me.
Height 5’3″
Weight 160 lbs (goal weight in 3 months is to be about 130lbs )
Bust 37 inches (A cup)
Waist currently 36 (goal 27 ish)
Butt- currently 45″ (goal 38-40″)

I do not want to take a lot of time off nor be in a lot of pain, have bruising and drains Etc. Which according to the literature I found on his website ( and the you-tube videos there shouldn’t be a lot of down time. The amazing thing to me is that it takes him less than half an hour to do this procedure. Why isn’t this protocol or regular practice for other Plastic Surgeons?
I am located in Northern Cal and he is in So Cal. Through out my research though I haven’t come across the estimated pricing that this Dr charges for this procedure.

My husband an I have been married for over 1 year and in 3 months we are taking our official Honeymoon to the Bahamas. I was hoping to be able to get this procedure done before then. FYI- He is the only Dr I have contacted for a consult, looking through his website, watching you-tube videos about him and his approach make me feel comfortable and less doubt about the outcome of this procedure.

Praying I can get this procedure done on Feb 12 or 13th if all goings well with my consult and they have that day available.

Yelp review from Dr. Hala S.
La Quinta, CA

At first, I was a little afraid of going through with rhinoplastic surgery because of everything that I had read about on countless forums and reviews, especially about post op. conditions. Despite this, Dr. Ghavami did a superb job in comforting me and ultimately made me feel 100% secure. I’m glad that I entrusted him to do the operation because the results were phenomenal. My nose looks as good as I hoped it would, and perhaps even better than I anticipated. My experience with Dr. Ghavami has been extremely exceptional and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a professional that knows what they are doing. He was very nice, composed, and confident which allows him to be easily trusted. I had what could be considered, the optimal experience!

Yelp review from Mary C.
Los Angeles, CA

I’m so happy ti have found an honest plastic surgeon like Dr. G. Thanks so much for your great work. I’m happier than ever with my new body and makeover after my babies. I feel like myself again. I highly recommend Dr. G and his staff because they’ve always been so helpful and informative. Thanks for making me feel perfect Dr. G!

Yelp review from Elizabeth G.
Los Angeles, CA


Yelp review from Jeff J.
Los Angeles, CA

I have worked in the city of Beverly Hills since I was seventeen years old. I have seen a lot if “work” and heard a lot of names. When I was ready to have a tummy tuck one name kept coming up by 3 different people. Lol it felt like a sign. I had to check out this Ghavami guy and see what the rage was. I had an appointment for a consultation. I will say that I waited 30 minutes in the waiting room, it was packed. Finally after meeting Dr Ghavami, I can tell you that it was worth the wait. I know it’s awful to say but he is not your typical Beverly Hills Persian doctor. He is totally normal and down to earth. He was very knowledgable and after consults around town the other top surgeons, I booked with him. I also decided after more research and finding out that Dr. Ghavami is one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly Hills as well, because I had wanted to do it years prior I went ahead and did both at the same time. In April 8th 2013 I had my surgery. The way he did my belly button and sculpted my body the man is a genius. My nose is beautiful. The best part is that it doesn’t look “done”. Thank you Dr. Ghavami. You have changed my life!

Yelp review from Natalie K.
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ghavami has truly changed my life for the better! I had a rhinoplasty procedure done in July 2012, and I am nothing but grateful for his artistic hands!

A friend of mine referred me to him in 2012 and I went in for a consultation. There he drew what my prospective nose would look like. I had a huge hump, my bone structure was far too obtuse, and my tip had no structure or shape to it at all. My nose was huge and was a major procedure to do since it was a prominent feature on my face. With that being said, I knew I had to go to someone who would do the best job. Dr. Ghavami does an amazing job at making sure every single rhinoplasty he does is unique. No two noses look the same! He couldn’t take a cookie cutter nose and put it on my face; it just wouldn’t have blended well. He knew exactly what to do for my procedure, and he did exactly what he had promised during our consultation. I wanted a natural, nicely blended, smooth nose and he did just that!

He is also very attentive and caring to his patients’ needs. I visited him almost every other week for the first two months so he can check my progress and see his masterpiece! To this day, people cannot tell that I have had a procedure, and are legitimately shocked when they find out. I owe that all to his light hands and artistic vision.

He is going to be my go-to doctor if I ever need any more procedures in the future.

This was my video where we filmed it when I was ONLY 7 weeks post-op and still incredibly swollen!! Yet the results speak for themselves.


I also joined him on the Ricki Lake show where I was then 5 months post-op.

Truly changed my life. I wouldn’t be at the place I am now without him. Thank you Dr. Ghavami!!!

Yelp review from Marissa R.
Fontana, CA

First off, I want to thank Dr. Ghavami for such a great job his did on my rhinoplasty. I was very nervous going into my consultation, but Dr. Ghavami quickly assured me that everything would come out great. He also listened patiently to all my questions and made me feel calm and comfortable. Rose, who was the one that handled all the financial aspects of my surgery was also very nice. I want to thank her for being very understanding and patient with me, especially when my husband’s grandfather past away unexpectedly and some paperwork was delayed because of it. (Thank you very much Rose) Mirna, who was also with me from the very beginning, was a little shy at first, but nonetheless very nice. On the day of my surgery the anesthesiologist was extremely comforting when he noticed how nervous and scared I was. He started to have a soothing conversation with me until I was out. After my surgery, Aman was very thoughtful and made sure I didn’t wake up alone and went to grab my husband. She was very caring and nurturing to all my needs. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all for work everyone has done for me.

Yelp review from Annette F.
Camarillo, CA

I have had several procedures done with Dr. Ghavami and I am so happy with the results. His expertise and skill were above all my expectations. My last surgergy done in Nov 2011 was rhinoplasty. I am so happy with the results. My nose is perfect and so natural no one notices that I had it done. Everyone aks me what makeup Im using or if I changed my hair. His staff is so friendly and helpful. They always make me feel welcome. Dr. Ghavami is a perfectionist and his work is impecable. I would never go to another surgeon.I am so confident in his abilities that my daughter has also had plastic surgery. She is 17 and her surgery was for breast reduction. The day after surgery when Dr. Ghavami removed the bandages her breast looked fantastic. Dr. Gahavmi is so caring and geuinely concerned for his patients. My daughter is so happy and has so much more confidence in herself as a result of her surgery. Her breasts are beautiful as they should be for a 17 yr old girl. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ghavami. Dr. Ghavami is number one in my book. His work speaks for itself …..absolute perfection!

Yelp review from Annette F.
Camarillo, CA

I have had several procedures done with Dr. Ghavami and I am so happy with the results. His expertise and skill were above all my expectations. My last surgergy done in Nov 2011 was rhinoplasty. I am so happy with the results. My nose is perfect and so natural no one notices that I had it done. Everyone aks me what makeup Im using or if I changed my hair. His staff is so friendly and helpful. They always make me feel welcome. Dr. Ghavami is a perfectionist and his work is impecable. I would never go to another surgeon.I am so confident in his abilities that my daughter has also had plastic surgery. She is 17 and her surgery was for breast reduction. The day after surgery when Dr. Ghavami removed the bandages her breast looked fantastic. Dr. Gahavmi is so caring and geuinely concerned for his patients. My daughter is so happy and has so much more confidence in herself as a result of her surgery. Her breasts are beautiful as they should be for a 17 yr old girl. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ghavami. Dr. Ghavami is number one in my book. His work speaks for itself …..absolute perfection!

Yelp review from Jess G.
Los Angeles, CA

I just have to say what an amazing artist Dr. Ghavami is. He is a walking Jesus as far as I’m concerned. I had a nasal procedure done to improve my breathing. Not only does it look amazing but my breathing has improved drastically. Finally no more sinus infections or post nasal drip.

Dr. Ghavami is in very high demand so do expect a wait time.

Yelp review from Ruby B.
Chicago, IL

My experience with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami has been personally life changing for he is truly outstanding and talented! As a physician, Dr. Ghavami is very professional, quite knowledgeable and has an especially kind, friendly office staff too. My decision to pick Dr. Ghavami from the flood of plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills was because most of all, Dr. Ghavami possesses a rare talent and sophistication along with a natural finesse for the work that he does for which I believe he was born to do and that no other doctor comes close to in comparison in my opinion. For me, I had three very complicated procedures performed: rhinoplasty; breast augmentation; and buttock augmentation with fat transfer and I will say that I am extremely happy and satisfied with the overall results. Yet, before having these cosmetic procedures completed, I did much research on my own on what to expect and the actual medical steps involved along with the anticipated risks with surgery. My advice to anyone is to do your own homework not only on the doctor you choose but the actual cosmetic procedures you desire. Having said this, Dr. Ghavami truly changed my life! It did take some time and patience but I followed and trusted his every advice which is immensely important. I also listened to what the nurses explained about surgery follow up instructions and asked questions when I needed to. Dr. Ghavami always took the time to answer my questions and really gave me the insight and strength I needed during recovery. Also, no other plastic surgeon that I met with and asked for references had such exceptional and amazing post surgery photos and ultimately, it is the physical results that matter most and guide a patient on what to realistically expect. After acknowledging what I wished to have performed, much of the mental stress involved just faded because it was very reassuring for me to know that I had chosen a great, skilled physician who along with a wonderful staff made me feel simply beautiful again in every way!

Yelp review from Amy M.
South Gate, CA

Hi, I am not one of those who likes to keep a good thing away from others. I’m a 21 year old woman, who has always been very self conscious due to my nose. I never felt pretty enough. I considered rhinoplasty after being bullied in high school. I came across Dr. Ghavami while watching ” The Doctors Show” I then researched Dr. Ghavami and after reading he specialized in rhinoplasty, I knew then he was the one I had to go to. My only fear was going under surgery and the pain after surgery. Once I was brave enough to make my decision, I asked for the support of my family. It has been a week now since my surgery and I have to say, Im starting to feel like the pretty person I am in the inside. I can’t wait for the final results. Did I mention there was no severe pain whatsoever ! I am so happy with the results I’m seeing as the days go by. I thank God for putting Dr. Ghavami in my life! I can now say to all bullies, I can change my appearance but you cannot change your ugly persona. I definitely recommend Dr. Ghavami !

Yelp review from Sierra K.
Granada Hills, CA

LOVE Dr. Ghavami! I had my breasts done over a year ago and am very satisfied with how my body looks. Although I would have loved to of gone bigger, Dr. Ghavami does very natural work and knows what will look best to match your body type. I’ve gotten many compliments and am feeling more confident then ever! Of course I wish I office were closer for when I had my pre and follow up appointments, but his office is beautiful. He truly knows what he is doing, so expect nothing but perfection from Dr. Ghavami. I’d definitely recommend him :]

Yelp review from J P.
Los Angeles, CA

Well this is my first time at a plastic surgeons office, and I can honestly say that I was quite nervous at first.

First reaction walking in to the room, REALLY clean and very mellow. I had my first free consultation with no problems. Some treats were provided in the waiting room and pleasant music to accompany it. YUM! I gave this location 5 stars thanks to the GREAT staff that is behind the front desk. SPECIALLY a certain individual, Stephany. She was really sweet, courteous, and on top of everything and anything I had to ask. My consultation was great, and I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Dr. Ghavami, you’re great! You’re ladies at front are great! Keep it up!

Yelp review from Marisol M.
Sylmar, CA

Don’t know where to start my review other than saying Dr. Ghavami is the BEST PLASTIC SURGEON EVER! He has changed my life and most importantly my body! I have had all my work done with him and would NEVER think of going anywhere else! He has transformed me 100% from head to toe. I am on his website also showing my before and after photos. My body was awful!!! Not ashamed to tell the truth. After Dr. Ghavami sculpted my body he gave me ALL the curves I needed. Not only did he reshape my body he did wonders to my face. I also had a Rhinoplasty with him. My results are AMAZING! I still look like “me” but just a better Me. Definitely SO HAPPY and satisfied with all his work. His hands are Magic. Not only is Dr. Ghavami extremely knowledgeable on his work and procedures he is very professional. I would recommend everyone to see him. Hands down the BEST plastic surgeon ever!

Yelp review from Kate A.
Solana Beach, CA

I recently underwent a breast augmentation was almost painless,i could lift my arms the same day ,washed my hair the next.I am so glad i found Dr.Ghavami ,he is very professional,knows what he is doing ,he made me feel very comfortable i knew i was in good hands .i was looking for the right surgeon over a year and felt good only when i found friends were telling me that after breast augmentation i would have drains,bruises,would not be able to even open a door but with flash recovery beast augmentation i was able to do all that and had no drains or bruises .i would highly recommend Dr.Ghavami to all who wants to have plastic surgery is your body ,it’s precious and should be treated that way.don’t be going after low price specials ,it will cost you your health or a second sugery might be needed to correct results.

Yelp review from Elle S.
Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Ghavami is a surgeon’s surgeon. When I was looking for a Dr., as a physician myself, I valued a few things: expertise in the field, training, academic rigor and respect amongst colleagues within the field. Dr. Ghavami had all of these qualities which made the choice obvious.

First of all, he’s trained at one the best plastic surgery programs in the nation, if not the world. He’s published in numerous journals and written textbook chapters, which is a testament to his extraordinary and comprehensive knowledge base. He’s also technically brilliant in the operating room. His mind’s vision of what’s natural and beautiful plays out intricately into his hands, and onto the patient. Lastly, he is well-respected and holds high esteem amongst his colleagues. He’s been invited to speak as an expert plastic surgeon at numerous national conferences, on thriving topics of plastic surgery.

If you go look for other plastic surgeons in your city that have accomplished all of the above, you will come back with a very, very short list. Dr. Ghavami not only has the brains and the skills, but he’s unbelievably humble and kind. He makes a patient feel comfortable, empowered and excited. He is thoughtful and realistic and the patient’s biggest advocate.

I’ve had 2 procedures done by Dr. Ghavami and I am elated. I recommend him to anyone I possibly can. Everyone deserves to be as happy as I am.

Yelp review from Sara S.
Burbank, CA

I had searched 3-4 years for a good plastic surgeon that would give me good results with almost no down time. It wasnt until I found Dr. Ghavami online and instantly felt comfortable!! I had one consultation and immediately scheduled my appointment a few weeks later. The big day for my breast aug was on a Thrs and I had to be back at work the following day. Honestly I was a little bit skeptical that my plan would work but I had confidence in Dr. Ghavami’s work. He was very calm and took his time to educate me. He reassured me that obviously I have to listen to my body but he actually encourages that I walk around and go out the same day of the surgery!!! Since I have a sit down office job he said I would be fine to go back to work the next day as long as I have a ride.

So the big day finally came…obviously anxious and nervous….I couldn’t wait any longer for my make over! I was under anesthesia for less than an hour and woke up from it a Half hr later asking the nurse if i can go home.

I had a little something to Eat when i got home..took my motrin, arnica, and the rest of the prescribed vitamins and went to sleep. About 2 hours later I woke up feeling great!! I hung out with family in my back yard and helped my baby with homework and went to bed.

I drove to a party 2 days later and have been going to work since…(except for sat and sun) and it’ll Be exactly a week this thurs.

I have very minimal discomfort and that should be expected but no pain and noooo bruising!!! I only took motrin the first two days and that was it. It sounds too good to be true but I’m living proof that Dr Ghavami is truly a master at what he does!!!

I would recommend Dr Ghavami to EVERYONE!!!

Thanks doc!!!!

Yelp review from Nicole J.
Modesto, CA

I just got the fat transfer to the buttocks.. I was suppose to gain 10 lbs but I only gained 2 which I was sad about.. But Dr Ghavami made me look fantastic.. I am 3 days out of surgery already walking around.. I am a mother of 2 and I am already just sooo happy with my results.. Yes the first day was painful and its still hard to sleep good but its sooooooo worth it.. I love Dr Ghavami and his staff.. They were soo wonderful.. I am coming back to get my breast done.. Gosh Hes amazing…

Yelp review from Marquivia B.
San Bernardino, CA

I have been wanting breast implants for 4yrs now & have been looking for a cosmetic surgeon for about 3yrs now,especially after my daughter.i have a friend who had her breast done by dr.ghavami & they looked so natural,so i went for a consultation & unlike other doctors he was very concerned about my breast looking very natural & actually let me try on the implants under my clothing to see what was a good size for me.after the consultation i just knew he was the right one for me!so i got my surgery everyone was so helpful & encouraging,i felt very comfortable through it all,the next day i was able to lift my arms and get up on my 2 days my boobs looked amazing & had dropped!they looked so natural,& i was able to drive my car. It’s been about 3weeks & im constantly getting compliments on my breast!i absolutely love them and the size that he chose for my body frame!i chose saline implants & i would highly recommend him to anyone wanting fuller natural looking breast!i am extremely happy!!

Yelp review from Wonder G.
San Francisco, CA

I just had consultation with Dd. Ghavami. Wow he was so precise on what my issues were. He had the most impressive before and after photos especially with that dramatic westernized look but very natural. I wish his surgery schedule was not so booked. Also I wanted a little more of the eastern asian look and decided to go with a more asian doctor.

Yelp review from Jennifer M.
Riverside, CA

Me and my best friend both went to Dr. Ghavami for two different surgeries. From the very start we both felt so comfortable and safe. He knew exactly what he was talking about and he told us the best route to achieve what we wanted.

I had a tummy tuck and some liposuction done… CHANGED MY LIFE! My friend had fat transfer done and she also looks amazing.

Thank you Dr. G you made me feel like myself again.

Yelp review from Sandra G.
Whittier, CA

I’m a mom and the thought of putting myself through surgery by choice was a very nerve wrecking decision to make…but after meeting with Dr. Ghavami and his very capable and professional staff, I quickly felt my concerns go away! I was so well informed on my procedures, and my RESULTS……FABULOUS! It is obvious that Dr. Ghavami was not asleep in class! He is very GIFTED and I couldn’t give him a more thorough endorsemen

Yelp review from Glenna S.
Moreno Valley, CA

Best plastic surgeon EVER…. love,love,love dr.ghavami. first off I want to say that I was so scared to have plastic surgery..I saw 4 dr.’s and researched for weeks, hours a day online.. I was scared of everything! I wanted the surgery so bad but had really bad anxiety. Let me just tell you that dr.ghavami and his staff(especially jasenia) put all my anxiety to rest.never once did I feel like I was bothering them, even though they’re super busy. They assured me I would be fine!

I had liposuction and fat transfer to my buttocks! The day of surgery I was still scared but again they made me feel so compfortable! Before I knew it I was out of surgery! I had moderate pain but a beautiful new body….amazing..when I saw it for the first time I cried tears of joy..I felt dr.ghavami went over and above my expectations…

I still keep in contact with dr.ghavami and he still never seems bothered to answer all my questions!

I’m 4 weeks post op and look absolutely amazing….I can’t wait for all the swelling to go down! I highly recommend dr.g! For my surgery or any other! He puts his heart and soul into this and seems to love sculpting us, to make us love ourselves again! If anyone has questions ill be happy to answer them! And last I just want to say thank you dr .g and jesenia, I love you guys!

Yelp review from Nicole S.
Fontana, CA

Dr. Ghavami is an amazing surgeon! His bedside manner is great and his talent is even better. I have had the pleasure of witnessing his transformations before/after which are absolutely phenomenal! My personal experience with my surgery was great. My healing, care and results are beyond my expectations!!! No doctor has been more of a pleasure to work with than Dr. Ghavami.

Yelp review from Marlene A.
Odessa, TX

I was a patient of Dr. Ghavami while he was a student at UT in Dallas,Tx. I feel that I made the best choice when I chose Dr. Ghavami to preform my Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck.

I do however wished i had a larger belly button; but my over all results are great. I tell people everyday about him.

I just wished I would have had more procedures done before he left for California.

I wish him all the best.

Yelp review from Roro L.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ghavami is a first rate surgeon, extrememly talented, patient and understanding.

Dr. Ghavami performed my nose surgery recently. His work is amazing and I more than happy with the results. He achieved EXACTLY what I wanted and now I have a beautiful nose.

Amazing doctor.


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