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Breast Augmentation: What Everyone Should Know

Breast Enhancement and Shaping procedures require expertise and good judgment by your surgeon.

Breast augmentation is a very delicate operation just like many in plastic surgery.

Right now it is a buyer-be-ware market in plastic surgery.  There are many discount clinics and sometimes the surgeon’s judgment may not be at its best in these situations.  Patients need to research their surgeon very carefully and ask a lot of questions.  Your surgeon should be truthful about your specific breast and body type and what size and shape implant is BEST for you.   Time needs to be taken during your plastic surgery consultation to explain all your options to you.

There are a lot of variables that are present which can affect the outcomes of your surgery.  Some of these variables include: amount of breast sagginess, position of your nipples and areola, amount of fat versus glandular tissue (how firm your breast tissue really is), skin thickness, and various breast measurements.  In addition, some patients may be better off with silicone breast implants, while saline breast implants may be better for others.  

There are many variations of breast implant types. These include gummy bear, cohesive gel, anatomic, smooth, textured, saline, high profile, and moderate profile breast implants, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, many surgeons substitute size for quality.  It is a much easier operation to simply place huge breast implants when you have saggy or loose breast skin and tissue than to place small implants and to perform a breast lift or tightening.  However, many patients do not want to hear about the potential incisions and scarring required for breast lifts.    If you and your surgeon decide on saline or silicone breast implants that go beyond what your breast dimensions and analysis dictate, then your recovery may be prolonged, painful, and your long term outcomes will suffer. Simply put, the breast implants may not last long enough. The chances for revision breast surgery increases and you will be eventually be unhappy with your breast shape and size.  

Breast augmentation techniques should be tailored to your exact breast dimensions, and should take into account all the above factors.  It may not always be what you want to hear but it is often what may be best for you and your body.

At Ghavami Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami prides himself on performing precise breast dimension, five-point analysis, as well as customizing your breast implant sizing and shaping for what is best for you.  Breast health is vital to any woman’s self esteem and overall well-being., and this always our primary goal  Your surgery should cause minimal trauma to your breast tissue and chest. This requires minimal bleeding techniques, and “no-touch” breast pocket dissection so that inflammation and stimulation of thick, painful scarring is minimized.  Many of Dr. Ghavami’s breast augmentation patients recover in less than 24 hours. We have had many patients return to work the next day after their breast augmentation.   


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