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Celebrity Plastic Surgery News: Demi Moore Speaks Out in Elle UK April 2010.

For a recent Elle UK interview, Demi Moore addressed her beauty obsessions and compulsiveness to maintain her beauty as she ages.   have long been frequent fliers when it comes to plastic surgery.  However, is it really that important for us to know their “secrets”.  I have to say, that when I found out that John Wayne had eyelid rejuvenation and perhaps a facelift, and Marilyn Monroe had chin augmentation, I wish I hadn’t. There are countless celebrities that have had cosmetic surgical enhancements.  I can say that it is perhaps the minority that do not at least get some form of fillers or Botox, chemical peels or lasering.  However, Demi Moore has always been a “true beauty.”  Whether she did or did not have plastic surgery, she is still a “true beauty.”  If someone goes and gets their hair straightened or hair dyed, does this mean they are not a real beauty?

Having a plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills has given me the opportunity to witness plastic surgery transformations of celebrities and non-celebrities alike.  There are many A-list celebrities that have had rhinoplasty, for example.  Fortunately, for most of them, their nose jobs were done subtly and naturally.  That is what we have to strive for as plastic surgeons. We owe it to our celebrities who need or desire our services.  Their rejuvenation and maintenance should be an enigma. There should be a question of: “did she or didn’t she?”

Now at 47, Demi Moore is a fascinating, elusive, and stunning actress with unique facial beauty.  While, she may have had some cosmetic surgical or non-surgical enhancement, it has not taken away from her natural beauty. This is critical with everyone, especially those with innate beauty that needs to remain.
The reports of spending up to 3 million dollars on plastic surgery are most likely exaggerations meant to fill in the gaps of the Demi Moore plastic surgery story.  It is important for celebrities to maintain a mystery to their beauty, and good plastic surgery should be a patient’s secret.  My biggest compliments come from patients who say that they were able to keep “the work they had done a secret.”
Demi Moore looks phenomenal for her age. This can be attributed to many things…genetics, diet, exercise, meticulous skin care, and perhaps some plastic surgery procedures.  The extent of which should remain a secret.

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