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Extreme Privacy Is a Necessity for High-Profile Patients

In his career, world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami has been called upon to perform many plastic surgery procedures on high-profile patients, including TV and movie stars and foreign dignitaries. Though Dr. Ghavami applies the same careful and precise surgical methods to each of his patients, it can be argued that these high-profile patients require a bit more in terms of discretion when they are trusting Dr. Ghavami with their care.  As a result of their public profile, this improves their safety and security so that their care is not distracted from. That is why Dr. Ghavami has put in place the following privacy features for these patients, who often wish to come and go from his practice with ease and without fanfare.

Helpful Concierge Service

Let our staff help you with your travel plans by making hotel and travel accommodations. We can book you the optimal hotel that is conveniently located near our facility; one with luxurious amenities to ensure that your stay is both comfortable and relaxing. We can also arrange private travel to and from your hotel to our facility.

Direct Communication with Dr. Ghavami and Trusted Staff

Dr. Ghavami and his trustworthy staff are experienced in providing care for high-profile patients, who often wish to remain as discreet as possible about their plans for surgery. That is why we offer you a direct point of contact with Dr. Ghavami himself and one of his trusted staff members, instead of having to call through to the main office. This is available along with Dr. Ghavami’s direct email. Photos can be sent directly to Dr Ghavami and/or his staff for assisting further in immediate post-op care.

Private, Out-of-the-Way Entrance

Celebrities have been coming and going for decades from the Beverly Hills surgery center where Dr. Ghavami operates. With so many recognizable faces passing through these doors, we have established a private, out-of-the-way entrance specifically for patients who wish to avoid public scrutiny when entering and exiting our facility. Luckily, Dr. Ghavami’s office is not located in one of the typical buildings that the paparazzi are frequently camped out in front of.

Discreet Consultations at Off Hours and in Your Home

As a further guard against looky-loos, Dr. Ghavami offers his high-profile patients appointments on days and at hours when the clinic is closed to the public. This allows the patient to feel as comfortable as possible, and provides them with undivided attention from both Dr. Ghavami and his staff. Most importantly, Dr. Ghavami can see you in the privacy of your own home or hotel for your initial consultation. We can also have nurses come to your home for all pre-operative lab work and test, if indicated.

Making Your Visit with Us Pleasurable

We want your entire experience with us to be as pleasant as possible, and so we offer many options for your surgical experience: snacks, beverages, movies — virtually anything to ensure that you are relaxed and happy during your surgical procedure.

Convenient Post-Op Visits in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Some of our high-profile patients prefer to have some or all post-operative visits in the comfort of their own home. For these patients, Dr. Ghavami offers house calls where he personally comes to visit you at your home and check that you are healing properly and satisfied with your experience at his practice.

Contact Dr. Ghavami Today

Do you have any other suggestions on how to make your visit with us as private and convenient as possible? Contact Dr. Ghavami today for more information, or to schedule your initial consultation.


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