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Loose Skin Won’t “Snap Back” After Weight Loss: These Lift Procedures Can Help


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Losing a significant amount of weight is a big accomplishment, and a tight, toned body is often a key motivator behind many people’s efforts. However, some patients are disappointed when excess loose skin remains after the weight has gone. Some may assume that this skin will automatically snap back after some time. Others turn to exercise to get rid of the skin. The truth is that in certain cases, loose skin does not just go away. 

Despite the many at-home remedies for tightening loose skin, professional cosmetic procedures are some of the most effective methods to achieve smooth skin and tight contours that you can be proud to show off. The procedures below can help.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is ideal for those that want an improved lower body following major weight loss. This surgery involves reshaping the thighs by removing excess skin and fat. The result is a firmer thigh appearance. Candidates for thigh lift surgery include individuals who have reached a stable weight as well as those with excess soft tissue in the inner or outer thigh areas.

Arm Lift

Toned and shapely arms can help you look and feel great in sleeveless clothing after weight loss. Arm lift surgery eliminates sagging arm skin that hangs down and smooths the underlying tissue to help create a beautiful contour. An arm lift is also ideal for those that wish to reduce stubborn pockets of fat on the upper arms.

Body Lift

Sometimes, patients that have undergone significant weight loss, such as gastric bypass patients, require more comprehensive treatment for loose skin on most of the body. A body lift can address multiple areas of the body, including the thighs, hips, back, and buttocks.

Breast Lift

Weight fluctuations can contribute to volume loss in the breast as well as sagging. Breast lift procedures appeal to patients that want to restore their breasts to a youthful and perky position and improve their overall appearance. This surgery involves the elimination of excess breast skin and tissue. It also reshapes the breasts to achieve upper pole fullness.

Cosmetic Body Lifting Procedures in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

Diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes are important in maintaining your appearance, but these efforts can only go so far when it comes to eliminating loose skin and gaining a tight body. You have done the hard work of losing the weight. Now, it’s time to let us do the rest. Dr. Ghavami can help you achieve your body goals with the appropriate lifting procedures. Schedule a consultation today.


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