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Reasons Why Women Love Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®

Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation Beverly HillsDr. Ashkan Ghavami’s innovative Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® procedure has garnered the interest of hundreds of women — from celebrities to soccer moms. The procedure uses an advanced surgical approach that is less invasive than traditional breast augmentation surgery, resulting in several benefits. Find out why Dr. Ghavami’s patients love the Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® at his cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills.

Less Post-Op Trauma and Side Effects

Traditional breast augmentation typically involves creating a pocket for the breast implant under the chest muscle. This may involve blunt dissection methods that can cause injury to the surrounding muscle and tissues in the chest, resulting in a longer healing time and increased discomfort following surgery.

Dr. Ghavami’s Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® uses an advanced surgical approach that minimizes bleeding and bruising to the surrounding muscle and breast tissue. As a result, most patients do not need any surgical wraps or drain tubes. Recovering from the Flash breast augmentation procedure typically involves less swelling and discomfort. Most patients only need to take Motrin to manage minor discomfort.

Resume (Most) Regular Activities the Next Day

Because of the minimized trauma and post-op side effects, most women who undergo Dr. Ghavami’s Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® are able to resume most regular activities the next day. With the support of a surgical bra, patients are able to do such things as brush their hair, take a shower, or even go out for dinner the same night as their surgery. These activities, among many others, are not allowed following traditional breast augmentation.

The initial recovery period for traditional breast augmentation can take anywhere from one to two weeks, depending on the patient’s personal healing progress. The Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation® is ideal for women who have busy schedules and cannot commit to an extensive recovery period. Rapper Iggy Azalea famously underwent Dr. Ghavami’s innovative breast augmentation procedure and performed onstage four days later!

To find out if you are a suitable candidate for Dr. Ghavami’s Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation®, please schedule a private consultation with the surgeon. Contact his Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice by calling (310) 275-1959.

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