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Breast Augmentation: What Everyone Should Know

Breast Enhancement and Shaping procedures require expertise and good judgment by your surgeon. Breast augmentation is a very delicate operation just like many in plastic surgery.Right now it is a buyer-be-ware market in plastic surgery.  There are many discount clinics and sometimes the surgeon’s judgment may not be at its best in these situations.  Patients… Continue Reading →

Ethnic Nose Jobs: The History of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

In Beverly Hills, I see noses of all ethnic origins.  These range from Persian (Iranian Rhinoplasty), Hispanic, and African-American to Israeli, Arab, and Asian.  Rhinoplasty is in and of itself a unique operation. Every nose should be tailored for only that person. No two people should have the same nasal shaping performed.  With the variousethnicities in Los Angeles, this is even… Continue Reading →

Celebrity Plastic Surgery News: Demi Moore Speaks Out in Elle UK April 2010.

For a recent Elle UK interview, Demi Moore addressed her beauty obsessions and compulsiveness to maintain her beauty as she ages.   have long been frequent fliers when it comes to plastic surgery.  However, is it really that important for us to know their “secrets”.  I have to say, that when I found out that John… Continue Reading →

‘Ethnic Rhinoplasty’ Popular Gift for Persian New Year

Dr. Ghavami performs ethnic rhinoplasty on a direct descendant of the Qajar Persian royal dynasty. Dr. Ghavami has written textbook chapters and professional essays on the difference between ‘ethnic’ rhinoplasties and the ‘regular’ nose job, and is considered an expert in the field. Find the link to the entire article from the “In the media”… Continue Reading →

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami to appear on Tyra Show tomorrow, March 2nd, 2010!

Ashkan Ghavami, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA will be discussing an interesting patient story which requires breast augmentation, breast implants, and a breast lift. This patient has survived a devastating gunshot wound to the breast while she had her breast implant still in. The impact of the bullet fragments may… Continue Reading →

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